• Vital Vanity Hair Care
    Rescue Me! Shampoo
    $8.00 USD
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    Intense Repair CPR Conditioner
    $9.00 USD
    Revive your hair with intensive care! Our sulfate-free Instant Repair CPR Conditioner is formulated to replenish and maximally moisturize your hair, leaving it visibly soft with improved elasticity. -Replenishes &...
    Body Boost Dry Shampoo
    $9.00 USD
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    Moisture To the Max Leave-In
    $6.00 USD
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    Curl Soufflé
    $9.00 USD
    Your curls will feel as light as air. Our Curl Soufflé is formulated to define curls and waves, add intense moisture and eliminate frizz. Never lose a curl with its...
    Body Bang (Clip In Bang)
    $4.00 USD
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    Vanity Vixen Body Brush
    $7.00 USD
    The Vanity Box brings professional grade grooming to your fingertips! Ergonomically designed with a curved vent body, the Vanity Vixen Body Brush is ideal for maximizing curls and waves. Say...
    Forever Weft Sealer
    $5.00 USD
    To get the most out of your Vanity Box extensions, it’s strongly recommended to have your wefts sealed. Sealing your wefts prevents shedding and prolong the wear time of your...
    V-4 Detangling Brush
    $8.00 USD
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    V-7 Detangling Brush
    $8.00 USD
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    $9.00 USD
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