• Vital Vanity Hair Care

    Vital Vanity Hair Care
    Rescue Me! Shampoo
    $8.00 USD
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    Intense Repair CPR Conditioner
    $9.00 USD
    Revive your hair with intensive care! Our sulfate-free Instant Repair CPR Conditioner is formulated to replenish and maximally moisturize your hair, leaving it visibly soft with improved elasticity. -Replenishes &...
    Body Boost Dry Shampoo
    $9.00 USD
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    Moisture To the Max Leave-In
    $6.00 USD
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    Curl Soufflé
    $9.00 USD
    Your curls will feel as light as air. Our Curl Soufflé is formulated to define curls and waves, add intense moisture and eliminate frizz. Never lose a curl with its...