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    VanityWIGS: Brazilian Curly (Lace Front Wig)

    Each unit in the VanityWIGS Collection is carefully handcrafted with each strand attached to the lace base by hand. These unique units have you covered with freestyle parting, realistic edges and baby hairs included, allowing for a seamless hairline! Ample strands around the entire perimeter give your tresses the ability to accomplish off -the-face styles at every point, including the front, back and sides. With a partially plucked hairline, VanityWIGS are nearly ready to wear upon arrival. ****PLEASE READ**** Depending  on the length  and  texture that  you request, some VanityWIGS need an additional 5-7 day processing time to ship.  Most textures  and lengths can ship same day.   DENSITY: 140-160%...
    $350.00 USD